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my FAV undies....& they love my ties

If you haven't purchased a pair of Hanky Panky undies you are seriously missing out on some underwear happiness! These undies are a bit spendy (my fav style, the low rise thong runs about $25, sometimes you can find them at Nordstrom rack on sale though if you hunt) but totally worth it! They are high quality, comfortable and cute- what more could you ask for?!?

The reason I'm writing this post however is NOT to tell you about my favorite under things, but really to tell you how this brand ordered some ADORABLE custom My Ties for their 40th Anniversary celebration. Here are the reasons why you should order custom my ties for your next promotional brand giveaway!

1. We can match the hair band color EXACT to your brand PMS/Pantone color

Matched exact Pantone color for branding

2. We made this customer custom printed cardboard cards, for the hair ties to be placed which provided room for additional branding/promotional information. (Plastic poly bags also available) We did all the packaging and assembly for this customer as well.

custom printed cardboard with two hair ties and wrapped in plastic

3. The logo placed on the hair tie looks adorable and when worn by their customers, it advertises for their brand! AND BTW people LOVE this giveaway item its a SOFT comfy bracelet and doubles as a hair tie! Who wouldn't want that!

If you are interested in ordering custom hair ties or private label hair tie packs shoot me an email at

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