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We've all been there, that moment when you just cannot afford a $30 shellac manicure, but you NEED your nails done, like bad! Desperate times call for desperate measures... So instead of getting the manicure I need...I've finally tried this pinterest nail hack I've seen a thousand times for myself!!! And it's amazing!!! All you need is this Gelous bottle ( I got mine at sally for $5.99) and its just like shellac!!! No UV lamp or anything.... Here's what I did... 1. Two coats gelous. Dry for 3 min 2. One coat nail color polish- ANY brand!! Dry for 5 min 3. Another coat of gelous. Dry 2 min 4. Second layer of nail color. Dry 2 min 5. Top coat- I used Seche Clear (read about it on a blog that said it's the best- $4.99 at sally) Then TA-DA shellac nails!!!! For MUCH cheaper

(please excuse the picture- I'm not GREAT at painting my nails yet- #outofpractice)

xoxo- LW


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