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My Goals & Style

What are your goals for 2015? One of my 2015 goals is to "simplify" my life of STUFF so this includes my closet! It's time to start Donating or Selling clothes I'm not wearing!! And It's forcing me to wear those items I just don't (for whatever reason) but actually love like this sweater dress (Brand: Rachel Roy)! I paired it with a pair of boots I rarely wear as well. I think I just get stuck on wearing my newest items and forget what else is hiding in my closet! They are probably 3 years old (enzo's) but in perfect shape and really staple piece here in the PNW. Lastly, the dress is sleeveless so my Jean Jacket from the GAP was a must- another item I've had FOR-ever (since 9th grade we won't say how long ago that was).

xoxo LW

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